Brands Show Their Support for Pride Month

Tylenol, Chobani, Target, Google and Others Celebrate Same-Sex Families, Transgender Stories

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Every year, Pride Month celebrates LGBT history, community and diversity. There are parades, workshops, drag balls, parties and of course, ad campaigns that capitalize on the social movement.

With some companies boycotting a conference earlier this year because of potentially discriminatory bills and more brands employing socially-conscious messages, it seems like anyone who isn't on the bandwagon is behind the times. And if it's hits and comments brands are after, they've come to the right place: pro-diversity campaigns will bring in a wealth of responses and data. Not all of that feedback is positive. As with Honeymaid's groundbreaking "This Is Wholesome" campaign, some people express blind rage and others overflow with resounding support for the efforts.

Inclusiveness is more than a way of sparking conversation; it can also be good for business for the most part. Or at least it's not bad for business. Despite online petitions and calls for boycotts from socially conservative critics, there's little proof that those measures have negatively affected any bottom lines. (But that goes both ways, as evidenced by Chick-fil-a breaking sales records when a progressive boycott of its stores prompted a show of support from its core customers.)

But marketers must be cautious. Socially aware campaigns can often be read as disingenuous or half-hearted, corporate pandering. (Detectable sloppiness and duplicity are certain to land with a heavy thud among younger generations, who have a soft spot for do-good brands and lean liberal on social issues.)

Below are some spots that came out during Pride Month 2015. Among the list is General Mills' Lucky Charms continues its "Lucky to Be" campaign with a spot featuring a lesbian couple; Google + Your Business tells a gender transitioning story; and Gap lets employees tell their coming out stories in support of GLAAD's #GotYourBack campaign.

Tylenol, "How We Family"

Google + Your Business, "Building a Proud Community with Google My Business"

Chobani, "Love This Life"

Target "Take Pride"

Google's Android, "And Proud"

Gap, #GotYourBack

AT&T, "This Is Me"

Lucky Charms, "Lucky To Be Nic and Kelly"

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