Walmart Crushes Holiday Video Views, but One Bona Fide Spiritual Message Gets Through Too

Retailer Earns Three Spots Among the Biggest Holiday Campaigns According to Visible Measures

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What goes viral during the holidays? A compilation of the most popular holiday-themed videos on social media according to Visible Measures includes a mix of retailer come-ons, consumer-packaged-goods pitches and even an actual spiritual message.

The chart, which covers holiday campaigns through Thursday, counts the total number of views for each campaign, including multiple iterations by the brand as well as user generated copies, spoofs, and mash-ups.

Walmart wins the chart, with no fewer than three slots including one for first place. The "As Sung By Craig Robinson" effort has accumulated 39.8 million views since its release date, according to Visible Measures. The retailer also has the fifth and seventh spots, with a feelgood push and a separate set of how-to videos.

Duracell's "Star Wars"-themed spot grabbed the second spot (and is also one of the most-liked "Star Wars" ad from this year's batch) and came close to Walmart's number one, with 39.3 million views.

Ziploc also secured a spot in the chart with an instructional Facebook campaign.

Perhaps the least expected member of the list, in a season dominated by commercial messaging, is a campaign sponsored by the Mormon Church.

See the full chart below:

Walmart - As Sung By Craig Robinson
Views: 39,862,924
Release Date: 11/4/15
Duracell - Battle for Christmas Morning
Views: 39,373,821
Release Date: 10/30/15
Samsung - Happy Accidents
Views: 26,040,139
Release Date: 11/21/15
Happy Accidents

Happy accidents: Treat yourself this holiday with an excuse for a new SUHD TV.

Posted by Samsung TV on Saturday, November 21, 2015
Ziploc - Clever Tips and Tricks
Views: 25,365,017
Release Date: 9/30/15
Walmart - Christmas 2015
Views: 24,658,417
Release Date: 11/1/15
Target - The Holiday Odyssey
Views: 22,834,847
Release Date: 10/30/15
Walmart - Tips To Make Memorable Get-Togethers
Views: 19,402,732
Release Date: 11/2/15
Toys 'R' Us - Holiday 2015
Toys 'R' Us
Views: 17,640,584
Release Date: 10/19/15
9 - A Savior is Born
Views: 17,336,882
Release Date: 11/29/15
AT&T - Holiday Deals 2015
Views: 15,363,194
Release Date: 11/20/15
Favor For Santa

See who's getting a Ho-Ho-Ho Lotta data this holiday season.

Posted by AT&T on Saturday, November 21, 2015
Source: Visible Measures

This chart, powered by Visible Measures, focuses on brand-driven social video ad campaigns. Each campaign is measured by True Reach, an MRC accredited metric that includes views from brand-driven and audience-driven social video clips. The data are compiled using the patented Visible Measures platform, a constantly growing repository of analytic data on hundreds of millions of videos tracked across hundreds of online video destinations.

Note: This analysis does not include Visible Measures' paid-placement (e.g., overlays; pre-, mid-, and post-roll) performance data or video views on private sites. This chart does not include movie trailers, video game campaigns, TV show, or media network promotions. View counts are incremental by week.

To notify Visible Measures of an upcoming social video ad campaign, please contact Visible Measures directly.

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