Liam Neeson Can Move Product, Win You Over

Nielsen Study Lists Neeson as Most Likable Celeb Endorser, Purchase Influencer

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Liam Neeson
Liam Neeson

The people have spoken: Liam Neeson is the most likable celebrity endorser, and he's most likely to influence consumer purchaser habits.

Nielsen announced a list of the ten most liked celebrity endorsers and overall ten most marketable celebrity endorsers for the first quarter of 2015. Irish action star Liam Neeson was at the top of both charts, with 78% likability for the "Angry Neeson 52" spot he did for Supercell Games. Pierce Brosnan came in second with 75% likability, and Matthew McConaughey came in third with 74% likability. Three women made the list: Jennifer Garner, 72% likability; Natalie Portman, 71% likability; and Sofia Vergara, 69% likability.

Jeff Bridges, Jim Parsons, Dennis Haysbert and J.K. Simmons also made the top ten list of likable celebrity endorsers. Nielsen's "N-Score" technology was used in the study. According to Nielsen, "awareness, likability and a host of other attributes contribute to an entertainer's score, one being influence."

The chart also rated how much purchase influence the top ten most marketable celebrity endorsers have. Of the people who are aware of Mr. Neeson, 36% think he is influential.

Nielsen has included n-score and linked insights in prior reports. With this particular ranking of celebrity endorsers, the market research company is aiming to offer marketers a more precise way of targeting consumers with its study, which links an entertainer's overall marketability to panels, providing a complete profile of a celebrity's endorsement potential and fan base. Panels include a TV ratings panel and a panel for collecting point-of-sale purchase information.

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