See the Top Companies Creatives Will Give up Their Freedom for (in 2015)

Working Not Working Releases Second Annual Survey

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What do NASA, Netflix, Nike, the New Yorker and New York Magazine have in common?

Besides beginning with the letter N, they're all companies that freelance creative talent would "kill" to give up their freedom for, according the second annual survey from creative-industry talent networking platform Working Not Working.

Following up on a first outing last year, the new survey asked the platform's 5,000 members which companies could entice them to give up their independent lifestyles.

Working Not Working 'Freedom' Survey 2015
Working Not Working 'Freedom' Survey 2015 Credit: Sawdust Design

The 610 who participated named 195 companies, and the 65 you see here were the most cited. Perhaps not surprisingly, just 14 of them are advertising agencies. The rest come from a variety of industries spanning entertainment, gaming, production, publishing -- and even aerospace. NASA made the list for the second year in the row.

Other second-timers on the ranking (28 in total) include Apple, 72andSunny, Nike, Droga5, Ideo, Wieden & Kennedy, Tesla, Buzzfeed, Disney, Red Bull, BBDO, BBH, Venables Bell, Cartoon Network and The New Yorker.

Newcomers include Netflix, New York magazine, Supercell, Vice, Vans, National Geographic and Blizzard Entertainment

Among the top 65, the industries that proved the biggest draw, however, were advertising and design, each drawing 22% of the responses, followed by media, then entertainment and then tech. Similar percentages were found with the overall results of the 195 companies cited.

One suprising finding: More than half of the creatives surveyed, 52%, said they wanted to work for larger comapanies, those with 1,000 or more employees.

"Creatives are seeing opportunities in industries we never would have thought," Working Not Working co-founder Justin Gignac said in a statement. "All across the spectrum and the world, with so many more companies prioritizing creativity, the demand for creative talent is higher than ever."

Working Not Working had also surveyed its members as to why they would choose to go full-time at these companies, and the most popular reason was "the people."

Working Not Working members hold a variety of roles, including art directors, copywriters, UX/IA designers, developers, illustrators, producers, directors, creative technologists and photographers. Eighty percent are freelancers while 20% are full-time.

The online talent network was founded in 2012 by industry freelancers Mr. Gignac and Adam Tompkins. Working Not Working recently received funding from founding execs of Droga5 and Airbnb to help build out its offerings.

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