How Do Vulcans Buy a House on Earth? With Rocket Mortgage

Quicken Loans Teams Up with Paramount Pictures for Star-Trek Themed Ads

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In new TV spots from Quicken Loans that launched this week, "Star Trek" Vulcan characters use the company's Rocket Mortgage app to apply for a mortgage and buy a house on Earth.

The "Star Trek"-themed campaign was created by Pitch, Los Angeles, and is the result of a partnership between Quicken Loans and Paramount Pictures. The ads promote the upcoming "Star Trek Beyond" movie that opens in theaters July 22.

"Rocket Mortgage has this technology that is really ahead of its time," said Art Steiber, VP-marketing and sponsorships at Quicken Loans. "When the opportunity came up to talk to the people at Paramount for the 'Star Trek' movie, it felt like it was a perfect fit. 'Star Trek' is an iconic brand, and we thought it could bring some attention to our product as well."

In a 60-second spot, a Vulcan character named Sevek demonstrates how easy it is to use Rocket Mortgage to apply for a mortgage by answering a few simple questions on his smartphone ("Where do you want to live?" Earth. "Job title"? Life Coach).

At the end of the spot, Sevek says, "If I chose to express an emotion, I would say that Rocket Mortgage has made me the happiest humanoid in the galaxy."

In a 30-second spot, a Vulcan couple wants to upgrade to a larger dwelling. They use Rocket Mortgage to apply for a loan, and at the end of the ad the male Vulcan says, "I am so happy" in a flat voice. The female Vulcan responds, "No need to get emotional."

"The Vulcans have no emotions, and home buying can be very emotional," Mr. Steiber said. "It's an interesting juxtaposition, using the light-hearted humor of a non-emotional Vulcan to make a very emotional decision through the ease of Rocket Mortgage."

The ads are running on broadcast and cable channels including ABC, ESPN and HGTV, as well as online.

"This Rocket Mortgage campaign is clever, creative and sure to amuse and excite Star Trek fans just ahead of the release of the new film," saaid LeeAnne Stables, president of worldwide marketing partnerships for Paramount Pictures. "And, of course, we anticipate that Vulcans everywhere will love seeing their portrayal in these spots."

Quicken and Paramount are also conducting a sweepstakes called "Live Like a Vulcan," which they are promoting through social media. Prizes include movie tickets, one-of-a-kind props used in the commercials, a year's worth of mortgage payments and a trip for two to see the premiere of "Star Trek Beyond" in San Diego.

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