So Easy an Eight-Year-Old Can Do It: Girl Co-Directs Spot for Nesquik

Ad Kicks Off Campaign Aimed at Encouraging Moms to Celebrate Their Children's Dreams

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Ana-Sofia Canal Silva directs the cast in Nesquik's
Ana-Sofia Canal Silva directs the cast in Nesquik's Credit: Courtesy Casanova

Watch out, Michael Bay. There's a new action director in town and she's a seasoned 8 years old. Ana Sofia Canal Silva, from Mexico City, co-directed Nesquik's latest effort, "Daredevil," which debuts Monday, Feb. 29, on TV and online platforms in English and Spanish.

The spot is part of Nesquik's new global campaign, targeted at mothers and entitled "Nourishing Possibility."

"We want to move the brand into a more emotional space," said Elizabell Marquez, Nesquik's marketing director. The idea is to have moms celebrate how kids see the world and encourage them to fulfill their dreams.

In the ad, a young girl attempts to jump through a ring of fire over five cars and a house on her bike, Evel Knievel-style. As she is almost done with the stunt, the scene cuts to a sidewalk and the obstacles are all toys. She finishes the jump as her friends cheer her on. See the spot below:

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Casanova handled the creative and the spot was produced by D' Avant-Garde Media. Once the concept for the ad was approved, the agency presented Nesquik with the idea of having a child collaborate with director Jonathan Gurvit, and Ms. Marquez was immediately on board. The search for the pint-size co-director took three weeks, and took place in Los Angeles to Mexico City, since the spot was going to be filmed partly at the Plaza Mexico, the world's largest bullring. "We wanted to find a child that wanted to be a director," said Karla Acevedo, Casanova's group account director. "It was not a normal casting call."

Enter Ana Sofia and her mother Paola Silva. The second-grader heard about the casting call at school and jumped at the opportunity. "I love the movies, and I want to be a director when I grow up, both feature films and ads," she told Ad Age in a phone call from Mexico City, adding that her favorite films are "The Emperor's New Groove" and "Matilda."

After she was selected, she attended production meetings and worked alongside the Mr. Gurvit in the shoot. "My favorite part was working with the green screen, but I didn't expect having to repeat the takes so many times."

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According to her mother, Ana Sofia has been interested in films for quite some time, and she always supported her dream of becoming a filmmaker. "In the shoot, she was always happy, directing the cast, saying 'not like that' or 'repeat'," she said. "She loves telling people what to do," Ms. Silva said, laughing. Sounds like the beginning of a great career.

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