The Cannes Q&A, Harold Sogard, Partner, Goodby Silverstein and Partners

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Harold Sogard, Partner, Goodby Silverstein and Partners
Harold Sogard, Partner, Goodby Silverstein and Partners
So, this is your first time in Cannes. Your initial reactions?

It's overwhelming. I've been to my share of conventions and trade shows, mostly there's 10,000 registered delegates, God knows how many hangers-on, it's really wild, it's the whole village thing going on, Burning Man at Cannes.

Clients coming to Cannes is a relatively new thing. What do you think they're looking for?

If I were a client I would come here to find out what's happening creatively, because the landscape is changing so rapidly, worldwide. I'd want to be here to see it first hand, to help my company stay ahead of the game.

Seen anything great in the exhibitions that surprised you?

There's a funny little print campaign for a brand of gloves in France, TBWA in Paris did it, it's photographs of hands having conversations with each other, and there's one where it's a job interview, and it isn't going so good, and the interviewer is a white hand and the interviewee is a black hand, and the black hand says 'is it because I am black?' And the tagline is "For sensitive hands."

Where have you had a good meal?

We went to this tiny little hole in the wall place, only seats twenty. The sign out front in French says, "no telephone, no reservations, no credit cards and no smoking."

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