The Cannes Q&A Matt Freeman Chief Creative Officer Tribal DDB

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How long have you been coming to Cannes?

Ten years.

It seems the creative energy has shifted in a big way to interactive. What do you think?

It certainly has. And, ironically, for Tribal at least, we've tried to blossom outside of interactive. We've won four Gold Lions across three different categories – direct, media and cyber.

How do you see the interactive agency evolving?
Every agency is an interactive agency. Interactive agencies have to evolve to have the overall strategic dominion over brands and "traditional" agencies have to evolve to have a deeper understanding of two-way communications and marketing. There s convergence coming to be sure but it means that both sides have to move closer to this new ideal. And then what happens?

We see four horsemen riding down the Croisette. No, it's in the best interest of clients. Agencies will be reflecting consumer models more than they do now. I've believed in this combined set of skills from the beginning; that's why I came to DDB because the skill sets of DDB and Tribal combine to make that ideal agency, and they do it on a global scale which is the real trick as well.

Do awards matter to your clients?

Yes. More clients seem to realize we're in more of an age of market meritocracy – you do need to have great, magnetic attractive ideas if consumers are going to select them. Clients realize powerful ideas, compelling, viral, contagious creative is important.

Are they important to you?

Yes they always have been. We believe in them and measure our own people by them.
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