A Look at Ogilvy's 'Diary of Reinvention' -- aka a Blog

Agency Brings Staffers Up to Speed on HQ Move With Website

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NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- Wondering what Ogilvy's new offices are going to look like?

Check out the blog the agency launched to liaise with employees about the big move from Worldwide Plaza on Eighth Avenue to a former candy factory located on the far west side of Manhattan.

It's "meant to be an informal and ongoing progress report on the building and the neighborhood -- with the perspective of a bunch of different people who are working on the project," top creative Chris Wall writes in a statement of purpose. "I hope it will be a diary of our reinvention -- the ultimate creative assignment, really."

Mr. Wall appears to be one of a handful of frequent commenters. In one post he recalls when he began working at the current Ogilvy building -- when "one could find crack vials on the sidewalks in the morning and a wary assortment of porno theaters and 'adult' establishments just around the corner on 8th Avenue" -- and in another shares tidbits about tedious renovation processes, including that of his Brooklyn home.

Ogilvy's move of its New York headquarters, announced last year, ends a 20-year run at Worldwide Plaza and is slated to be complete this summer.

The site seems like a positive new step under a new regime to try and be more transparent with employees; indeed many of the posts have garnered hundreds of views from curious insiders.

But of course, that comes with its perils. One blog post, for example, includes pics of a mockup of the forthcoming workstations -- complete with ergonomic chairs and flowers vases -- to which a commenter said: "The pictures here look rather bland and corporate. Not very cool at all. Sorry to bitch."

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