Tell Us, Agencies: What's the Nicest Thing a Client Has Ever Done for You?

We Want to Know How Clients Show Their Appreciation

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As the Eastern United States battles a heat wave and power outages, one thoughtful marketer decided on a sweet show of support to its Boston-based agency: by surprising them with a truckload of Choco Tacos and Popsicles.

Mullen staffers enjoy a frosty treat
Mullen staffers enjoy a frosty treat
Yesterday, U.S. Cellular sent its new shop, Mullen, an ice-cream truck to treat their employees to a break from the heat. It was a small, lighthearted gesture, but it speaks volumes about how the marketer appreciates and the team of folks are working hard on its account as they prepare to get the first campaign out the door since taking over the account in late February.

On the whole, client-agency relationships are more fragile and frought with tension these days than they were years ago, before economic stresses, heightened competition, pressure from procurement departments, and CMO changes that lead to agency reviews with regularity. Still there are many clients out there who don't treat their agencies like vendors, but acknowledge them as valued partners, and we'd like to uncover some more of those. If you have had a great experience with a thoughtful client and can share an anecdote about how they appreciated your agency, share it with us in the comments.

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