Agency A-List Award Deadline Is Today

Enter the A-List by Jan. 4

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The team at BBDO walked away with two Creativity Awards and two Agency A-List honors last year.
The team at BBDO walked away with two Creativity Awards and two Agency A-List honors last year. Credit: Patrick Butler

The extended deadline to enter Ad Age's Agency A-List is here: Time runs out Thursday, Jan. 4 at 5 p.m. EST.

Here's a guide to entering the 2018 A-List & Creativity Awards right now. Enter here.

What we're looking for

The A-List & Creativity Awards recognize the top forward-thinking leaders, agencies and creative innovators in the marketing industry today. We're looking for game-changing creativity, bold leadership and the ability to point the industry in new directions.

Check out the 2017 Creativity Awards winners here and the A-List winners here. The Creativity Awards deadline is Jan. 11 at 5 p.m. EST.

What's new this year

The new Agency Innovator of the Year category will honor the single agency office anywhere in the world that put forth the most ground-breaking work and ideas of the year. (Because innovation and creative thinking have become crucial considerations in judging the A-List's general Agency of the Year category, we will no longer feature a separate "Agency Innovators" list.)

For the second year of the Creativity Awards, we're introducing more ways to recognize the many kinds of makers it takes to deliver captivating work. New categories are Chief Creative Officer of the Year; Account Manager of the Year; Brand Marketer of the Year; Craft of the Year; and Visionary/Founder of the Year. Plus, to celebrate this year's tiny but mighty attention-grabbers (think six-second ads and GIFs), we created the Featured Category: Short-Form award.

The full list of award categories is here.

Who should enter

The A-List categories Agency of the Year, Media Agency of the Year, B-to-B Agency of the Year, Multicultural Agency of the Year and In-House Agency of the Year recognize U.S.-based agencies only.

International Agency of the Year, Agency Innovator of the Year, Production Company of the Year and Executive of the Year are open to entrants from anywhere in the world.

See full details on the criteria for each A-List Awards category here.

All Creativity Awards categories are open to people, work, companies and products that made an impact anywhere in the world in 2017.

Note: Third-party PR companies can enter on behalf of agency clients. The entry site will prompt you to note whether you're entering on behalf of yourself or a client.

How to enter

All submissions can be made on the A-List & Creativity Awards site at

Before you start your A-List Awards submission, you'll need:

2015 and 2016 revenue, plus guidance on 2017
Employee head count and year-over-year change
Three biggest clients by revenue (not applicable for In-House Agency of the Year)
A detailed list of account wins and losses with estimate revenue per annum from each (not applicable for In-House Agency of the Year)
Any IP projects or revenue streams that are not client-related
Descriptions and examples from at least three and up to six distinct campaigns that ran in 2017. Please include portfolio items (video or PDF) that best present the work and its impact to the client.
A description of your thought leadership and culture, including a breakdown of your agency's diversity

For each of the People categories in the Creativity Awards, entrants will need to explain why a nominee should be recognized and upload supporting evidence.

All entries in the Creativity Awards Work categories must have debuted in 2017 and submissions must provide background and results, including a description of the business challenge or problem addressed and any relevant metrics.

Submissions in the Creativity Awards Companies categories will be asked to explain why the person, company or product is deserving and supply any relevant metrics (users, sales, revenue, funding, engagement) to back up the claim.

What matters

Be brief. A killer entry isn't about who wrote the most words or sent the most examples. Ad Age edit staff and the Creativity Awards juries are humans, not bots, and comb through hundreds of submissions to select the honorees. So be concise and clear, and show how you've delivered real results. And yes, we've put word counts in certain areas of the submission process. (Don't worry, they're labeled.)

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