Agency Says, 'Screw Awards Shows! We'll 3-D Print Our Own Lions!'

Canada's Rethink Spoofs Industry's Love for Bling and New Tech

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When you walk into the lobby of a celebrated agency, or a highly decorated creative's office, you'll often be blinded by the glare of awards bling. But for those who haven't yet pulled their weight in ad-industry festival hardware, Canadian agency Rethink has a simple solution: 3-D print out your own damn Lions!

The agency created this hilarious spoof video for, of all things, a local awards show. In it, Rethink addresses one of the ad industry's current tech obsesssions, 3-D printing. But rather than contemplate, "How can we be the first ones to win national and international creative awards using 3-D printing," Rethink leaps to a more practical (and presumably more pocket-friendly) conclusion. Surpassing all the long brainstorming nights and expensive award-show fees, the agency quickly amassed its own awards collection via the power of 3-D printing.

Over 800 Gold Cannes Lions (at last count), 194 Silver One Show Pencils and even the first-ever Publicis-Omnicom Agency of the Year award -- even though it has no connection to the holding company whatsoever -- now clutter the agency's halls, making it a candiate for Hoarders: The Ad Agency Edition.

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