Agency Brief: Special End of Year A-List Edition

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Happy Friday! Well, this is it, kids – the last Agency Brief of the year. And what a year it's been in the agency world. Here's a quick recap: Marcel, Wavemaker, Fearless Girl, Pepsi placing bets on its in-house team rather than agency partners, consultancies creeping up, and Cindy Gallop asking ad execs to call out the industry's Harvey Weinsteins.

Now onto this special edition of Agency Brief. Rather than recap this week's (nearly nonexistent) agency news, we will highlight the five biggest reasons for entering Ad Age's A-List and Creativity Awards.

The 2017 Ad Age A-List agencies of the year pose with their bling.
The 2017 Ad Age A-List agencies of the year pose with their bling. Credit: Patrick Butler

1. Bragging rights, obviously.

2. Show off your fun threads at the Creative Black Tie Gala.

3. Bring home our amazing "A" trophy to shelve next to your Cannes Lions.

4. Network, hobnob and learn from other agencies' creative work and innovations.

5. Stay relevant and keep up with the competition.

Enter here before it's too late! Deadline is January 4.

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3 – days until the New Year. It's been real, 2017, but it's time for a fresh start. We're excited to see what agencies have to bring to the table in 2018!

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