Sues iCrossing for Stealing Its Talent

Lawsuit Claims Excessive Poaching Hurt Digital Agency in Chicago, Dallas

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NEW YORK ( -- Omnicom Group digital shop is suing rival firm iCrossing, its CEO, Donald Scales, and a number of top executives for allegedly carrying out an illegal scheme to strip of its best employees and key clients like Hilton and 3M.
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The suit, filed in a Dallas court, asks for $19.5 million in damages for what calls a systematic poaching of top management who defected to iCrossing. blames iCrossing and Mr. Scales -- who served as president-CEO until he agreed to leave the shop in 2006 -- for the shuttering of the Omnicom agency's Dallas office and decimation of its Chicago outpost.

" has lost customers and profits -- customers who were solicited by employees on behalf of iCrossing while they were still on's payroll and/or were under customer non-solicitation provisions," the lawsuit says. The clients mentioned include Hilton, Marriott, 3M and Cargill.

Among the charges outlined: At a dinner, Mr. Scales allegedly said he "would just love to 'back up the bus' at's doors and load's team on the bus and take them over to iCrossing."

And, in one instance, a former employee who jumped ship for iCrossing downloaded images from stock-photo giant Getty Images on Agency's dime for a Hilton project he was working on for I-Crossing, the lawsuit claims.

A spokesman for told the Wall Street Journal that the company "doesn't comment on pending litigation." See the lawsuit here:
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