Agency Tattoos: Rich Ford

Group Creative Director, EVB

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EVB VP-Group Creative Director Rich Ford prefers tattoos in the American Traditional style with classic iconography such as hearts, daggers and diamonds. He said that none of his tattoos really "mean" anything. "I simply like the way they look, and take a weird, sadistic pleasure in the ritual of getting them." But he does "suspect getting heavily tattooed was my way of guaranteeing I would never, ever work in a bank. It shows my commitment to my chosen career path in the creative industry."

One of his most striking tattoos is this shark on his forearm, one of the first he got. "Initially, I was just gonna get the shark, but then the artist asked if I wanted a banner to go with it, and 'Destroy' seemed like the most sensible choice," he said.

A tattoo of the Alamo graces his wrist. He got this while he was still working at CP+B, where he was an associate creative director. "The agency gave us a $25 per day allowance while working on productions, and one of my co-workers informed me I could expense my hobby as 'Entertainment,'" he said. "So, I submitted a receipt and I got reimbursed. After about five tattoos on CP+B's production tab, they put the kibosh on this unique job perk. I may have ruined it for everyone."

This heart on his bicep has a sweet story. It's "a tribute to my dog, who's still very much alive. I have tattoos of all my pets' names. Unlike girls, you never break up with your pets."

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