Why Alex Bogusky wants to wrestle Gary Vaynerchuk

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Alex Bogusky is looking for a smackdown.

Social media followers of the chief creative engineer and co-founder at CP&B — who made a much-ballyhooed return to the MDC Partners agency over the summer — have been scratching their heads over some pugilistic postings of late.

In them, Bogusky has been making attempts to find someone to wrestle him. He first challenged 'The Rock' Dwayne Johnson, who recently opened ad agency Seven Bucks Creative. But 'The Rock' was busy. So Bogusky took aim at VaynerMedia CEO Gary Vaynerchuk.

"I do advertising, you do 'advertising,'" Bogusky taunted in a video where he challenged Vaynerchuk to get in the ring with him.

In the video caption on LinkedIn, Bogusky wrote "We have the wresting (sic) ring. We have the ref. The lights. The cameras. The audience. Even an ambulance. It's all booked for Dec 13 in Boulder. You bring the #hustle, I'll bring the #crushingit," poking fun at Vaynerchuk's affinity for work-hard platitudes. He promised $10,000 to Vaynerchuk's favorite charity if he shows. (In the video, Bogusky says that if he wins, Vaynerchuk must give up social media for a week. If Bogusky wins, he'll wear a VaynerMedia shirt for a week.)

"You and me, Gary, in the ring, pro-wrestling style, grinding for as long as it takes to determine an undisputed world grinding champion," Bogusky says in the video.

So what's it all about?

CP&B throws a holiday costume party every year, and this year's theme being "wrestling," with a ring, a ref and —if the videos are any indication — some actual wrestling.

It seems Vaynerchuk has taken Bogusky up on the challenge. The two have been exchanging lighthearted jeers on Twitter about their training for the match.

Industry onlookers had a mixed bag of emotions over the showdown — with comments ranging from amusement to withering criticism.

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