Amp'd Opens Review for $35M Creative Account

Mobile-Network Operator Parts Ways With Taxi

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SAN FRANCISCO ( -- Amp'd Mobile, looking to ramp up subscribers and bring in revenue from advertising, has placed its $35 million creative account into review.
Amp'd is the only mobile-phone company developing its own content.
Amp'd is the only mobile-phone company developing its own content.

A company spokeswoman said the marketer's ad agency Taxi, which launched the brand, will not participate in the review. She declined further comment.

Jane Hope, Taxi's co-founder and executive creative director for design, said the agency "launched the brand from obscurity to recognition." Amp'd asked the shop to open a Los Angeles office, but the agency declined. "We're fresh in New York and wanted to focus our efforts here at this time," she said.

Content developer
Amp'd, with 100,000 subscribers as of the end of last year, is the only mobile-phone company developing its own content. That content includes an animated program, "Lil Bush," which made it from the small screen to TV. Among the current fare is "Gold Diggers," a show where "hot" girls try to get their dates to spend more money on them.

Amp'd is also taking the lead in drumming up advertising revenue on the third screen. Earlier this month, Amp'd announced plans with Medio Systems to offer marketers targeted search and text messages based on user demographics, click-through history and other behavioral-trend analysis. Marketers currently advertising on Amp'd include Procter & Gamble, Burger King and the U.S. Navy.

Amp'd is a mobile-network operator working through Verizon Wireless, the nation's No. 2 carrier. TNS Media Intelligence put Amp'd spending at $35 million for 2006.

Select Resources International, Santa Monica, Calif., is handling the search.
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