Barton F. Graf Asks Industry to Join Healthcare Coalition

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Credit: Barton F. Graf

Barton F. Graf has issued a call-to-action for the advertising industry to come together and help inform Americans about the upcoming enrollment window for affordable healthcare, which is half the length as previous years.

The idea for the Coverage Coalition came after the Trump administration slashed the advertising budget for the Affordable Care Act by 90 percent over the summer.

"I started seeing people organically posting the information on Facebook and one morning when I was coming into work, someone in our creative department said to me that we're good at marketing and we could possibly fill that 90 percent shortfall by doing pro bono work," says Barton F. Graf Chief Creative Officer Gerry Graf.

The agency has created a website, along with more than 50 Facebook and Instagram posts and videos, which will start to go live today, to spreadTthe word about the campaign. The goal is to get other agencies and media companies to join the pro bono cause and donate media space and create ads.

Graf says the shop is also working on a long-form video about healthcare enrollment that will run on various digital channels.

And the shop is making sure it doesn't get political in its posts.

"We found it really important to keep it non-partisan and non-political when it comes to the actual assets that we're making because there are people on both sides that need this information and we didn't want anything to discourage anyone from getting it," says Graf.

Barton is looking to target several groups of people with the content, such as uninsured Americans and enrollees who need to renew their plans, those who are sick or rely on affordable healthcare options, millennials who are young and healthy and often uninsured and more.

To get the initiative started, Barton has been working with several partners, such as nonprofit organization Get America Covered, production companies Psyop and Park Pictures and website development company Hook QA.

The initiative, which may eventually include some out-of-home advertising, will run through December 15, the last day of open enrollment.

"We're starting early to let the industry see what we're doing and hopefully inspire them to create their own stuff and join the Coverage Coalition group," says Graf.

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