Ogilvy 30-Year Incumbent on $20 Million Business

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NEW YORK ( -- Cotton Inc., after 30 years with WPP Group's Ogilvy & Mather, has put its $20 million advertising account into review.

Catherine Bension, president of Select Resources International, West Hollywood, who is handling the review, said Ogilvy will defend the business. Media services remains with WPP's MindShare.

Established in 1969
Cotton Inc. was established in 1969 to help the cotton industry counter well-financed manufacturers of synthetic fibers.

The organization wants the business to be handled out of New York. A request for proposals for the business has been sent to an undisclosed number of agencies, Ms. Bension said. She said a decision is expected before Thanksgiving.

For the past 14 years, Cotton Inc. has produced ads carrying the tagline "The Fabric of our Lives."

Market share
Market share threats were a key factor cited by the company for launching the review. "There is increasing apathy about buying apparel," said Ric Hendee, vice president of marketing services at Cotton Inc. He said there is currently a lack of excitement in the fashion industry.

Mr. Hendee said that at the same time, new synthetic performance fabrics are mimicking cotton. "It's not an easy time to maintain our 60% market share," he added.

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