How Creatives Do It: Eric Silver's Resignation Letter

One-Year Anniversary of Quitting Marked by Facebook Post, Complete With Van Halen Logo

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Would you handwrite a resignation letter? And along with it, include a drawing of the Van Halen logo? Creative star Eric Silver would. Actually, he did.

This weekend, 806 of Mr. Silver's closest Facebook friends were treated to a post marking his one-year anniversary of resigning at DDB, New York. In honor of the day, he shared a copy of the official letter he had submitted to the agency (pictured here).

His whimsical take on the resignation letter appears to have worked just as same as the standard, computer-rendered form style ones do, and it probably gave the Omnicom agency's HR department a chuckle too. Mr. Silver is now majority owner at New York indie shop Amalgamated . The caption on his Facebook post was as follows: "One year anniversary of leaving DDB. Letter attached. My current days are both much longer and much more rewarding. Equally excited to see what the next year brings as well."

Moral of the story? For the best creatives, there's no stone unturned when it comes to opportunities to try to do even the most standardized activities in a new way (see BFG 9000 founder Gerry Graf's press release via barbershop quartet. )

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