Ex-Dell Exec Casey Jones Responds to His Critics

Talks About Enfatico, His Future Plans in a Comment on AdAge.com

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Ex-Dell VP-Global Marketing Casey Jones has finally spoken about this week's news that he's leaving his post at the PC maker. He's done it in the form of a 300-word comment on the AdAge.com story that broke the news. In the post, Mr. Jones, who had been silent on the matter, talked about his future plans and offered some response to the criticism he took while at Dell.
Casey Jones
Casey Jones

Much of the heat Mr. Jones endured had to do with Dell's decision nearly a year ago to enlist the holding company WPP Group to build a new agency from the ground up to serve the all the the PC maker's marketing needs. The effort ran into many snags and delays along the way, from choosing a name to hiring a CEO to getting work produced. Today Mr. Jones stood by the decision, calling the agency, Enfatico, "in my admittedly biased opinion, the best effort to date by any global agency to address the massive waste and outdated model we've all lived with for years."

And to his critics, he asked simply, "What are you doing?"

He wrote: "If you're in marketing, what is your company doing? Or what is your agency offering its clients as a solution to intra-agency infighting and lack of focused cooperation among disciplines? What are they doing about integrated analytics, cross-discipline tools, integrated financial and digital asset management systems, process and technology? Marketing services has lost tremendous credibility over the last 20 years. Agency fragmentation and corresponding internal client discipline fragmentation have created much of the problem. Let's focus on solutions."

As for his next move, Mr. Jones will work on a pair of books with University of Texas philosophy professor Daniel Bonevac and consult with Dell. Now out from under the "corporate umbrella," he also indicated he'd be taking part in the conversation about marketing's future in part, presumably, by leaving comments on more news stories.
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