Web Site Used to Inform Bevy of Potential Bidders

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WASHINGTON (AdAge.com) -- With the economy in skids, the White House Office of National Drug Control's $150 million annual ad contract, which is one of the government's bigger accounts, has attracted considerable
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$150 million in anti-drug advertising is up for grabs.

Read RFP Q&A
> Go to http://www.neco.navy.mil/
> Click on 'Business Opportunities'
> Enter contract # N0060002R0123

. interest among advertising and media agencies -- and a long list of questions.

Now the U.S. Navy, which is overseeing the contracting process, has put a list of answers on its Web site.

Bids can be joined
The questions and answers are largely technical, such as how expenses and costs are to be treated. This latest update also clearly states that minority and media agencies, bidding as subcontractors under an advertising agency, can join bids of more than one prime contractor.

The drug office ad agency handles research for the campaign, media placement and oversight but the Partnership for Drug Free America handles almost all the creative. The contract was ordered rebid amid congressional anger regarding accounting issues with how WPP Group's Ogilvy & Mather, New York, billed the government.

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