The Many Faces of Leo Burnett

Like Many Other Holding Companies, It Changes a Lot. But Is It Just Apple Polishing?

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At big ad-agency networks, the revolution is permanent these days.

Given that they are massive, hard-to-alter organizations in an era when the habits of the consumers they're paid to reach change daily, it's almost impossible to get the model exactly right -- at least for long.

See the Chart:

The Many Faces of Leo Burnett
The Ad-Agency Network Since 1998

Consider Publicis Groupe's Leo Burnett, which announced it was forming a new "open-architecture model" called the Insight Factory.

Coming, as it did, less than 12 months after the agency's much-publicized plan to "restructure" its global network and align more closely with sibling Arc Worldwide, we got to thinking: Do the big agencies -- and Burnett is in many ways an iconic one -- restructure, reorganize or realign every year?

So we went through the archives and discovered that, when it comes to Burnett at least, they do.

Not that there's anything wrong with that, according to Burnett Worldwide CEO Tom Bernardin.

"The sign of the health of an organization is its ability to change."
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