Godiva Aims for 'Approachable Luxury' Feel in 2015 Holiday Campaign

Brand Creates New Typography, Takes Chocolate Out of Boxes in Stores

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Credit: Courtesy Godiva

Godiva is looking to come across as more approachable to consumers and employees this holiday season while still maintaining its premium product status.

The chocolatier's "It's More Than Just Chocolate" initiative, created in partnership with Pereira & O'Dell, is "introducing a new look and feel" for the brand in North America, with some elements expected to launch in the U.K., Brussels and China, said Marie Han Silloway, Godiva's chief brand equity and customer experience officer.

"One of things we wanted to convey was a more emotional aspect of holiday," she said. "Godiva in the past has probably come across as a little bit more formal, but with this campaign, we wanted to make sure we were tapping into a real, authentic look and feel that's more inviting."

To provide a more welcoming impression, Godiva created a whimsical typography that's comparable to the writing of a pastry chef. Ms. Han Silloway said the brand also decided to take the chocolates out of the boxes in stores to make the atmosphere less formal.

In addition to in-store displays at Godiva retail shops, Macy's, and Barnes & Noble, Godiva is bringing the holiday effort to life through digital advertising, content and influencer partnerships. Over the next few weeks, the brand will launch an internally created digital video series featuring one of its chefs, who will talk about themes around chocolate.

Godiva began trying to broaden its fan base beyond wealthy consumers last fall when it launched a more affordable products, such as soft serve ice cream.

"We want to connect with all consumers," said Ms. Han Silloway. "Godiva is known to be a wonderful gift, so part of this campaign was making sure that we came across as more approachable luxury because beautiful tasting chocolates are more indulgent, and it's a way to treat yourself and others, but also we wanted to continue to communicate that it's something perfect for every day."

Ms. Han Silloway the fourth quarter is a major time of year for Godiva, so she held a creative review for the 2015 holiday campaign this summer, which was awarded to Pereira O'Dell. The agency has played an integral role in the program, from creating the strategic backbone of the initiative and zooming in on consumer insights to developing banner ads and site takeovers, she added.

While the firm was only brought on for holiday work, Ms. Han Silloway said the relationship could extend beyond the campaign. She declined to provide details around marketing spending, but said the company has made a bigger investment around holiday this year over last year.

M Booth, Godiva's PR agency of record, has also been supporting the brand's recent campaign, especially the work around its "Hot Chocolate for a Cause" program in partnership with Toys for Tots. The brand will donate $1 to the nonprofit for every hot chocolate drink purchased in one of its stores during the first 15 days of December.

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