Will the Next Hot Agency Title Be 'Professional Vinographer'?

Shops Increasingly Turn to the Pros for Branded Mobile Video Campaigns

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Seattle shop Copacino & Fujikado is eschewing amaterish phone videos in favor of a more sophisticated approach to Vine -- one that sums up the food, wine and culture of its home city, Seattle, in artful six-second snippets.

The just-released series was done for the agency's tourism client, Visit Seattle. Rather than rely on users to capture the video content, C&F creative director Mike Hayward tapped a professional photographer, Lucas Svaren, who's shot imagery for a range of marketers, including Fiat, American Express, Google, Virgin and W Hotels.

There's some precedent for agencies turning to outside experts rather than simply shooting the videos themselves. One of the most recognized branded Vines, for Lowe's hardware stores, was done by Meagan Cignoli, a photographer and established Vine user. She worked with BBDO to release a series of short fix-it videos.

Since Instagram added video as a capability to the uber-popular photo-sharing app a few weeks ago -- and is by some measures quickly eating share -- marketers and their agencies may have more reasons to consider leveraging mobile video for their campaigns.

"Crowdsourcing content models are ultimately numbers games -- getting to one good video requires hundreds or thousands of entries, and even then there's no guarantee you'll have something brand-appropriate," said C&F's Mr. Hayward. "Creating high-quality content still requires skill and a trained eye, even if the content-generation tools have become so easy anyone can use them. And with Vine and Instagram video still in their infancy, the bar is set relatively low for now. It's a much easier space to stand out with engaging, quality content than a more saturated channel like Youtube. But Vineographers may not come cheap for long."

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