Imax hires TBWAChiatDay Los Angeles as global creative agency

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Credit: Credit: Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg

Imax has hired TBWA/Chiat/Day Los Angeles as its global creative agency to help the entertainment company tell its brand story.

The Omnicom agency won the business following an internally led competitive review, which followed on the heels of Imax changing up its marketing leadership team last summer. Denny Tu joined the company as executive VP of global brand and creative, one month after JL Pomeroy came onboard as the new CMO.

TBWA's global reach, and its understanding of the Imax brand and its commercial challenges, among other things, helped the agency beat out competitors in the review, Tu says. Imax had worked with Mistress on global creative since the end of 2015 and the relationship ended in the middle of 2016.

"[It's important] for partners to see that we're not starting from scratch," Tu says. "It's not about repositioning the Imax brand because we have an incredible brand. It's about taking insights and coming in to help us maximize what we have and tell better stories."

Imax hopes to launch its new campaign in Q2 or Q3 across various platforms, particularly tapping into social media in new ways, says Tu.

Erin Riley, president of TBWA/Chiat/Day Los Angeles, tells Ad Age that the agency's goal is to immerse itself within Imax and help create an emotional narrative. Staffers from the agency's office have started working out of the Imax office in order to form a "one-team spirit" and really get to know the business, she adds.

The agency will also tap into its Backslash cultural insight studio to help Imax keep up to date with daily and weekly trends.

Last month, Imax reported global box office revenue of $278 million for the fourth quarter of 2017, an increase of 13 percent year over year. Its U.S. box office revenue increased 16 percent in the period to $117 million. More recently, the company set a record for the month of February with box office revenue of $53 million from Feb. 16-19, led by the release of "Black Panther" and three local-language movies in China. Tu says China is a big part of Imax's global growth plans.

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