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Epiphany's Jed Stiller Procures the Talent by Day, and Provides the Entertainment by Night

This Club Owner Uses His Connections to Secure Celeb Contracts for Clients

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In a special series on unique agency jobs, Ad Age introduces you to three executives who get paid to have their finger on the pulse of music, nightlife and culture. First in our series is Jed Stiller, head of Team Epiphany's entertainment division and owner of some of Manhattan's trendiest destinations.

In the city that never sleeps lives Jed Stiller. By day Mr. Stiller runs New York-based agency Team Epiphany's entertainment division, which entails procuring talent to star in clients' campaigns and contract negotiation with celebrities. And by night he's a club mogul and owner of Manhattan hotspots such as cocktail lounge CV and Snap, a sports bar. He also manages Greenhouse, an eco-friendly nightclub.

Ad Age: How did you get into the agency world and the nightclub world?

Jed Stiller
Jed Stiller

Mr. Stiller: All through college I organized parties, and when I got out of college in 2001 I continued to do so. It led me into years of just throwing parties, doing events, booking talent for those events, building my network and my name in that business. About two or three years ago I started getting into owning clubs and actually putting deals together. I started at the "Carson Daly Show" right out of college, working on his late-night show on NBC. My job was to coordinate and interact with the talent on the show. So I had every major musician, actor and actress coming through the show. I later went to my own agency, JMS Entertainment, being a middle agent, and began negotiating a lot of concerts and some endorsement opportunities and appearances for celebrities. Coltrane Curtis and Lisa Chu [Epiphany managing directors] have been my friends for a long time, and it kind of made sense with my background and what Epiphany was doing to bring in this capability. ...It's becoming a huge part of our overall business. After a year of being at Epiphany, entertainment now accounts for 30% of the business.

Ad Age: What's a typical day for you?

Mr. Stiller: I'm up at 6:45, no matter what. I get to the office around 9:30. I try to get as much done in the morning with the agency as possible, because a lot of times with the night-club business nothing really happens till 1 p.m., because most people sleep late. And then around 1 to 3, I go out and do more of my club meetings with liquor brands, possible new partners and investors. From 3 until 6 I'm doing more Epiphany work. And then from 6 to 9 I go home, relax. And if it's a night I'm going to the clubs, I'm out again working from 9 to 4 a.m. There are days where I'm up at 6:45 and out til 4. But that's only 2 or 3 days a week. The other days are a little more manageable.

Ad Age: Would you still be procuring talent regardless of Team Epiphany?

Mr. Stiller: I'd still be doing it if I didn't join Epiphany, but it would have been specifically for events. I wouldn't be procuring a spokesperson for Range Rover, for instance. It would be less brand-oriented. I enjoy the brand side more. It's more organized, cleaner.

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