Mark Wnek: The One Award That Matters

Hint: It Doesn't Come With a Party

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Wherever you turn, agencies are talking about or getting ready for creative awards season.

Mark Wnek
Mark Wnek
It seems there's one awards ceremony after another all over the world until about October.

Agencies pay vast, well-documented amounts to enter their work for these awards.

Some agency CEOs have gone on record to declare that advertising awards are the way they measure how well they're doing.

Different agencies take different awards more or less seriously.

At our agency, winning awards is important.

But some awards are more important than others.

There's one in particular that I think it's fair to say I'm personally obsessed with.

Preparing for it is a continuous affair.

We give the work our all.

The award is called The Rising Sales Graph.

It's an idiosyncratic little thing -- there's no dinner, no party, no front page headlines, no calls from avid headhunters -- but I remain a dedicated supporter.

The rising sales graph means a healthy brand, higher employment, a sounder economy, even -- gulp! -- happy clients.

I know these are peripheral issues in the glitzy whirl of Cannes (I won a Grand Prix there once and I felt like a princess for a day!) and Pencils and Penguins and Poodles or whatever.

I guess I'm just an old-fashioned country boy at heart.

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