Meet Benjamin Palmer, Web Advertising's Pin-Up Boy

Barbarian Group Co-Founder Appears in Two Glossy Mags

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Benjamin Palmer
Benjamin Palmer Credit: Erin Caruso
In a short profile in the December issue of Esquire, writer Tyler Cabot allows that Benjamin Palmer has made the internet his "bitch." Today it's clear that the co-founder of Barbarian Group -- creators of frat-boy-skewing web sensations like "Subservient Chicken" for Burger King and the beer cannon for Milwaukee's Best Light -- has made print his subservient, uh, whatever. In addition to his turn as one of Esquire's "Best and Brightest," Mr. Palmer appeared on more dead trees in a discussion of internet advertising in yesterday' New York Times Magazine.

There he chatted with Lars Bastholm (chief creative officer, AKQA) and Robert Rasmussen (who recently jumped from R/GA to BBH) about how new media have challenged the effectiveness of traditional marketing and what new advertising opportunities are on the digital horizon. To succeed in this new era, they recommend splintering marketing efforts so that companies can target niche groups and creating more dynamic interaction with consumers both online and off.

Be warned that the Times discussion, found here, is a bit windy and dry next to an Esquire piece that just about humps its subject's leg. It oozes about Mr. Palmer's skin ("wan"), his hair ("greasy") and his hangover-y appeal -- "like he's been up all night, every night." Yet it does contain the ever-useful post-interruption call to arms: "You're a brand, make yourself fucking useful."

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