New PM unit wants to fix 'fragmentation' in social marketing

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Cynthia Glasbrenner
Cynthia Glasbrenner  Credit: Courtesy Publicis

Publicis Media wants creative and media to see eye-to-eye when it comes to social media. Its goal: to smooth over conflicts like creatives working on a 15-second-spot, say, while media thinks the way to go is a live video or social media stories.

That's why it's now offering UNIT3C, a group that brings together all social marketing-related creative, production and media. It's an evolution of a unit that historically has been under Moxie, a marketing solutions agency that Zenith acquired in 2006. The service will be available to all Publicis Media agencies and their clients in the U.S. UNIT3C and its central team is based in Atlanta at the Publicis Media campus, but talent will be across the group's agencies.

Cynthia Glasbrenner, who has been with Publicis Media for six months as SVP and managing director, is overseeing the effort. She most recently was SVP at Hill Holliday in Boston, responsible for media activities for Dunkin Donuts, which recently appointed new creative agency BBDO Worldwide and is reviewing its media (currently with IPG's Trilia).

"There's a fragmentation that's pretty tremendous going on right now," Glasbrenner says.

The unit is meant to be a "one-stop shop" for social media work that will also help clients be more responsive to news events.

Forrester analyst Jay Pattisall says this is a trend he's been seeing in other agencies who see the benefit of having media and creative sit side by side. "There are a number of digital and media agencies that have been integrating creative and media execution using data—basically data-driven creative and data-driven media through insights."

Pattisall says it's likely "early days" in the marrying of the two sides. He says clients are likely seeing the benefit of having those together as digital media has proliferated.

"I get questions from clients asking, 'How do we best personalize our execution using data?'" in both creative and media, Pattisall says. "When you have the two functions sitting separately, and not functioning together … then it becomes a difficult proposition. Particularly if it's sitting in different agencies with different [profit and loss statements]."

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