Seven Questions With Spotify On Beatles Twitter Campaign

Creative Team Partnered With Social Service to Create Custom Fab Four Emoji

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To keep excitement alive about Beatles songs finally being added to its streaming platform, Spotify launched a social media campaign with customized emojis and playlists.

Spotify's custom Beatles emoji.
Spotify's custom Beatles emoji. Credit: Courtesy of Spotify

Last Thursday, Beatles music became available worldwide on nine streaming services including Spotify, Applye, Deezer and Google Play. Since the announcement, Spotify has been encouraging fans to tweet its custom Beatles emoji, along with nine other emojis, such as the heart or alien head, to unlock personalized playlists.

Check out the Q&A below with Spotify's North America social lead, Josh Karpf, to find out more about the #BeatlesonSpotify Twitter effort running through Jan. 4.

How did Spotify prepare for the announcement of the Beatles' songs being added to the platform?

We're a company of music fans, so when we knew the Beatles were coming we wanted to go big with it. They weren't just a sound of their generation, they influenced every generation of fans since. We wanted to come up with an effort that was first of its kind in terms of scale but also unique and authentic and something our audience would gravitate toward. We wanted to create something inherently shareable, but that had more scale than past campaigns because it's the Beatles.

Where did the idea for the Twitter campaign come from?

At the center, it's about discovery, which is something we're always trying to do with our consumers to listen to more music. We wanted something that people of all ages and walks of life could "Come Together" for, and we wanted to create something social in nature that our fans would want to share, so we brainstormed an idea of giving this customer content with the emoji on Twitter and we wanted some extension of that, and that's where the customer playlists came from.

Was the custom Beatles emoji created in-house?

Our creative team led the development and we worked with Twitter on the specifics of the emoji designs.

How many personalized Beatles playlists can consumers unlock?

There are nine different emojis that are available to all consumers, and we created nine playlists that spoke to each emoji. For example, the blue car emoji unlocks the "Long and Winding Road" long playlist and the heart unlocks "All You Need Is Love." We created a few playlists with our team that were bespoke for this campaign.

Did you work with any agency partners on the effort?

360i was the lead partner across all forms of media, including social, and the agency worked with Spotify and Twitter to concept the idea. We also worked with VaynerMedia to develop social content.

What's the overall goal of the initiative?

We want to get people to listen to our music and we want to celebrate the moment of this iconic band coming to our platform. We always want to drive music discovery, and do so in interesting ways and with our fans, we know a way to do that is through social. The tactics were designed to be very social in nature to give our hardcore fans more content they can share.

How will you measure success?

For this specific effort, we are looking at conversation volume, share of voice, and sharing of the specific tactics of the campaign. We want to reach as many consumer as we can with this effort.

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