Saatchi N.Y. Declared April 23 Dress Like Matilda Day

Agency Celebrates Now Famous Creative Who Wears a Uniform to Work

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'Dress Like Matilda Day' at Saatchi
'Dress Like Matilda Day' at Saatchi
Dress Like Matilda Day
Dress Like Matilda Day

Earlier this month, Ad Age featured a story about Matilda Kahl, the Saatchi & Saatchi N.Y. creative who for the past three years has worn a "uniform" to work, after she realized that trying to come up with a new outfit every day took up too much headspace. The uniform consists of a simple white top, black pants and a black leather collar bow.

Her decision to standardize her work wear led to a boost in her creativity and confidence -- as well as stories in Harper's Bazaar and on Good Morning America.

Credit: Max Ahlborn

Yesterday, before Saatchi's townhall meeting, the agency decided to pay tribute to Ms. Kahl by declaring April 23 "Dress Like Matilda Day," and all staffers dressed in their own versions of her namesake outfit.

In a previous interview, she told Ad Age:

I feel both professional and personal wearing it. I no longer spend time on choosing clothes nor do I get self-conscious in meetings, which would happen occasionally before. I just keep on with my day without my mind wandering, thinking about if my skirt is too short or my t-shirt too casual. To me, that is empowering.

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