Agency Tattoos: Scott Hidinger

SVP-Creative Director, Deutsch L.A.

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Deutsch L.A. SVP-Creative Director Scott Hidinger's tattoo is simple, but has a moving back story. In December 2012, he received a phone call at work from his sister-in-law and learned that his little brother and best friend Ryan, was diagnosed with stage IV gallbladder cancer, with only nine months to live. His family then went into "attack mode, researching, making phone calls, setting up appointments" to find out more about what they could do for Ryan. At his sister's request, Scott designed a logo to symbolize the family's united effort in the battle against his brother's cancer.

"The 'Team Hidi' shield ended up becoming not only a symbol to represent his fight, but a celebration of life for our family and friends," Scott said. "We used it for t-shirts, email updates on his treatment, wristbands; it even became the basis of a tattoo for almost 20 people, including myself."

The words within, "Dare all and prevail" are the last four words of an old hymn Scott's family would recite when they needed to get through tough times.

Ryan lost his fight on January 9, 2014. "My tattoo is a reminder that, as long as I'm here, I need to embrace life's challenges with the same humility and grace that my brother did in his final days," Scott said.

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