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Adidas Originals reached a creative high with its "Original Is Never Finished" campaign from Johannes Leonardo, which earlier this year earned the Cannes Lions Entertainment for Music Grand Prix for a spot featuring a reworked version of Frank Sinatra's "My Way." The latest installment of the TV and online effort features celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, NBA star James Harden, and rappers Playboi Carti, 21 Savage and Young Thug. In it, they look defiantly at the camera in gritty modern interpretations of iconic works of art like Boticelli's "Venus" and Leonardo da Vinci's "Vitruvian Man." The credits were many. We thought this would be a good case study for answering the question: What the heck did all those folks do? Here, the agency explains in its own playful style.

Jan Jacobs, chief creative officer, Johannes Leonardo
Made a space where creativity was king. Then made space on the agency's awards shelf.

Leo Premutico, chief creative officer, Johannes Leonardo
Fostered trust between the agency and Adidas Originals. Also, helped Jan with that shelf.

Ferdinando Verderi, creative director, founding partner, Johannes Leonardo
Responsible for having a vision. And making everyone rise to it.

Stine Moisen, senior producer, Johannes Leonardo
Found the time and money for everything. Except a reasonable amount of sleep.

Tina Diep, senior producer, Johannes Leonardo
Made the impossible possible. Including call times that no one thought were human.

Gulru Soylu, account supervisor, Johannes Leonardo
Maintained everyone's composure on set, before she lost all composure off of it.

Matthew Edwards, creative director, Johannes Leonardo
Responsible for having a vision. And driving his producers insane with it.

Wesley Phelan, creative director, Johannes Leonardo
Responsible for also having a vision. And giving his accounts team PTSD with it.

Terence Neale, director, RSA Films
Did things with a camera that made Edwards, Phelan and Verderi squeal embarrassingly from video village.

Jenny Pham, global communications director, Adidas Originals
Responsible for being the most courageous and trusting one of everyone. And genuinely making it all happen.

Jeph Burton, senior copywriter, Johannes Leonardo
Wrote more words for this page you are reading than he did for the ad, which is entirely a song. Suffered crushing existential doubt for months to come.

Hunter Hampton, senior art director, Johannes Leonardo
Moved everything three pixels to the right. Then two to the left. And then just one more.

Sam McCallum, group account director, Johannes Leonardo
Led a team of incredibly unruly people. (Then became unruly himself at the wrap party.)

Justin Townsend, senior shoot and production manager, Adidas Originals
Kept everyone on time, on schedule and off their sleep cycles.

Alegra O'Hare, global vp of brand communications, Adidas Originals
United literally five continents and 149 countries under one brand campaign. Cats only wish they were so difficult to herd.

Edi Borrelli, senior manager communications, Adidas Originals
Completely embraced the vision. Went to the desert. Had another vision, as is the case with most people who go to deserts.

John van Tuyl, senior director, global brand marketing operations and creative shoot production, Adidas Originals
Whose job it was to be nearly omniscient, and who was frighteningly good at it.

Kat Pryor, account supervisor, Johannes Leonardo
Organized chaos.

Dana May, head of integrated production, Johannes Leonardo
Helped a team of freelance editors pay their rent for months to come.

Maria Perez, executive producer, Johannes Leonardo
Produced this massive body of work, all while staying calm, cool and collected—and giving you a look that said you'd better do the same.

Adam Gong, print producer, Johannes Leonardo
Wrestled the sun for daylight. Beat the clock to within an inch of its life. Didn't lose his hair in the process.

Alexandra Olivo, associate producer, Johannes Leonardo
Discovered that the "City of Broken Dreams" is also the "City of Broken Sleep Cycles," after managing products, timelines and everything but her nervous tics.

Dominique Dalton, account director, Johannes Leonardo
Championed the creative from start to finish. Then championed a well-deserved glass of Champagne at the end of it all.

Adriana Mariella, account executive, Johannes Leonardo
In charge of communication between client and agency, agency and each other, and herself and the growing number of voices in her head.

Miné Cakmak, strategist, Johannes Leonardo
Planned. Schemed. Connived. And had the creative team thank her for it.

Marta Stajek, director of business affairs, Johannes Leonardo
Watched the ad more than anyone else did so that, eventually, everyone else could.

Ann Marie Turbitt, senior business affairs manager, Johannes Leonardo
Dealt with the lawyers. Was later christened Saint Ann Marie Turbitt by the agency.

Alexis Zabe, director of photography, RSA Films
Served as DoP for the film. Was stalked by nearly every other director thereafter.

Gabby De Gersigny, stylist, RSA Films
Whose eye for fashion and trends was only surpassed by her other eye.

Jules Daly, executive producer, RSA Films
Ensured everything went to plan. Even when said plan changed 6,000 times.

Mark Aaronson, head of strategy, Johannes Leonardo
Was paid to be the brains behind the operation.

Richard De Jager, stylist, RSA Films
Made everyone in front of the camera look spectacular and gave everyone behind it a serious inferiority complex.

Julie Sawyer, producer, RSA Films
Sat with the creatives—even when they were being a bit hard to stand.

Rozanne Rocha-Gray, producer, RSA Films
Walked the length of the Andes Mountains in two days to ensure everyone got what they wanted.

Colin Howard, executive producer, Cape Town Egg Films
Shot an award-winning piece earlier in the year. Was a masochist to do so again.

Robert Lopuski, editor, Exile
Put the film together, even though it caused him to fall apart.

Christopher Fetsch, editor, Exile
Edited. Then re-edited then re-reedited. Until the agency was exiled from Exile.

Iwan Zwarts, VFX supervisor/2D lead artist, Blacksmith
Broke footage. Maimed classical paintings. Defaced iconic artwork. Was applauded by all.

Oliver Hadlee Pearch, photographer
Captured legendary photography for an outdoor campaign-—and being from West London, possibly people's purses, too.

Tom Poole, colorist, Company: 3
Did what he always does: Made it impossible for anyone to peel their eyes from the film.

Morgan Visconti, creative lead/music director, Human
Suffered emotional trauma after a year of covering "My Way" in too many ways.

Steve Rosen, sound engineer/sound design, Sonic Union
Exhausted bank after bank of "glitch" effects. Possibly resorted to making some with his mouth.

Paul Kawasaki, executive producer, RSA Films
Ensured everyone got what their hearts desired. Or, at least, their budgets.

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