Six Things You Didn't Know About 72andSunny's Glenn Cole

The Chief Creative Officer Serves Up Some Secrets

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72andSunny has won nearly every accolade under the sun – from countless Cannes Lions to being named AdAge's Agency of the Year in January. Behind Kenny Powers' dirty mouth, Samsung's know-it-all fans and Kate Upton's sexy way of eating a burger is a creative team led by chief creative officer Glenn Cole. As part of Creativity Online's ongoing 'Six Things You Didn't Know' series, we asked the former Wieden & Kennedy creative director to share a few unexpected tidbits with us.

1. He was a comic nerd growing up – plastic baggies and all. He collected "X-Men," "Spider Man," and anything by Frank Miller. He prides himself on having the full set of "Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider Man" original series. Bar one: He never managed to acquire issue #27.

2. He has a fondness for dead languages. While Mr. Cole speaks some Dutch and Italian, he retains a handle on Latin from high school. He was even the Washington State VP of the Junior Classical (Latin) League.

3. He has a "caffeine strategy" for significant presentations and meetings. It goes like this: A 16-ounce coffee 15 minutes prior to the meeting. "Any earlier, and I'll peak too soon," he said. "Any later and I begin speaking gibberish. Fifteen minutes out, I'm golden."

4. He wound up in the hospital trying to impress a girl. Molly Hall was the girl of his dreams when he was 17. Smart, pretty, silly, "the whole deal." One day, they were walking past a four-foot concrete wall, when Mr. Cole suggested he could jump onto it from a standing position. He ended up in the hospital an hour later. "Molly was there watching," he said. "I don't think she was impressed."

5. He loves Harry Potter – and coincidentally has a scar on his forehead shaped like a lightning bolt.

6. He's a huge fan of SyFy's "Sharknado." It's "genius," he said.

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