Six Things You Didn't Know about Camp & King CCO Roger Camp

Stripping and Kipping Up Are Among His Fortes

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Industry creative vet Roger Camp has done a tour of many notable shops during his career. He worked at agencies such as Leagas Delaney, Wieden & Kennedy, Fallon Minneapolis, Cliff Freeman & Partners and Publicis and Hal Riney. His portfolio includes memorable spots like the Super Bowl dot-com era classic "Gerbils" for and Nike's "Crab," which, arguably, helped propel a budding young director Neill Blomkamp ("Elysium," "District 9") into the spotlight.

In 2011, Mr. Camp teamed with former Publicis and Hal Riney CEO Jamie King to launch Havas-backed San Francisco shop Camp & King, where he serves as partner-chief creative officer and has launched campaigns for Old Navy, Coca-Cola, Walmart, Nike, Miller Brewing and Amazon, among others.

Mr. Camp's life only gets more colorful outside the job, however, as you'll see in this week's edition of Six Things.

1) He likes to get naked with his dad. Every year, Roger takes a vacation with his extended family where all of them rent a big house on the beach. His dad is an awesome, hardworking, leather-skinned, blue-collared, Vietnam vet, uber manly man. Each year Roger's challenge is to make his father uncomfortable by finding an inopportune time to shed all of his clothes. One year his dad was on the beach fixing a kite. While he was preoccupied, it gave Roger the time he needed to strip down and put his arm around him while a crowd started to look on and snicker. Last year the family was walking on the beach in North Carolina, his dad said his legs were tired, so Roger generously offered to give him a piggyback back to the house. But once he got on, Roger dropped his pants and locked onto his father's legs so he couldn't escape. The highlight was running down to the water's edge with him struggling and cursing at Roger to let him go as a tour bus was driving past.

Roger Camp and his Camaro
Roger Camp and his Camaro

2. Roger had the most bad-ass Camaro in all of New Jersey. And the half-mesh shirts and Puka shell necklace to match.

3. He can do a kip up.

Advertising Age Player

4. Roger has a blind sense of optimism and faith. Things always seem to work out and he never gets too upset by almost anything.

5. One of his first partners in advertising was Paul Venables when he started at Korey, Kay and Partners. Here's a dumb ad they did.

6. Back in third grade Roger was a fat kid who got teased and made fun of. But one day his class had a party, and the Queen song "Another One Bites the Dust" came on the radio. Roger started to do some silly dance, an early version of twerking, and slowly all the kids started to smile, mimic him, and laugh WITH him, not AT him. By the end of the song he was leading the entire class in a conga line around the room, and he realized the power of earnest stupidity (see answer 1).

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