Six Things You Didn't Know About San Fran Creative John Matejczyk

He Claims His Belly Roll is Better Than William Gelner's

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Over a career that has taken him through Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, Fallon Minneapolis and Y&R Chicago, John Matejczyk has worked on big name brands like Snickers, Starburst, and HP, and was behind some iconic campaigns such as "Got Milk?"

Now, as co-founder at San Francisco boutique Muhtayzik-Hoffer, he's churned out moving, thoughtful work like the award-winning "Slavery Footprint," which landed it on AdAge's "Agencies to Watch" list in 2012.

But he has a few other tricks up his sleeve outside of creative advertising -- from extreme eating to body contorting. Enjoy this week's installment of Creativity's "Six Things You Didn't Know" series.

1. He has a steel rod in his back. After spending his high school years in various back braces and post-operative body jackets, John tries to ride the coattails of "Iron Man." He refers to himself as "surgical-grade-stainless-steel-man."

2. He claims he can roll his belly better than fellow creative William Gelner. You be the judge.

3. He loves taking his three kids on adventurous trips. This summer, John motorcycled across Northern Vietnam, and took his family with him. Not ones to shy away from trying something new, all of them sampled "duck in an egg," which is a duck, just before it's ready to hatch.

4. He chased his now-wife for over four years before she agreed to date him. As for girls who actually liked him, John relates to Woody Allen's relationship application of the Groucho Marx quote: "I would never want to belong to a club that would have me as a member."

Mr. Matejczyk's Doodles
Mr. Matejczyk's Doodles

5. He's a doodler -- particularly during conference calls. Turns out this strategy actually helps him to listen better. John says he isn't very gifted with representational drawing, but one of the agency's designers has encouraged him with "process drawing." He once saw an audiologist who suggested he always stay engaged visually in order to process aural information.

6. He may be a West Coaster now, but he's got some serious Midwest love. One of his dreams is to help rejuvenate the Chicago ad community. Though, he's not sure how starting an agency in San Francisco is helping achieve that.

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