Six Things You Didn't Know About JWT Atlanta's Perry Fair

You Won't Believe the Annoying Song He Has in His Head

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Perry Fair
Perry Fair

JWT Atlanta President and Chief Creative Officer Perry Fair has had a busy week. He, along with his agency, was behind what might have been one of the best brand activation at SXSWi in Austin: a life-size Mario Kart experience for Pennzoil -- a client that came on board when Mr. Fair first took the leadership role at WPP shop's Atlanta office in 2011.

It was a homecoming of sorts for the creative, who went to college and ad school in the Georgia city. He previously spent time at Mullen, Grey and TBWA/Chiat/Day. Now, he oversees all accounts within JWT's Atlanta, Dallas and Houston networks, is responsible for strategic and creative leadership for all brands and sits on the global JWT creative council.

We asked Mr. Fair to take some time out to tell us six things we didn't know about him.

1) He is both left and right handed. He thought it was weird when he was a kid, but he has one daughter who's right handed and another who is left. So, one thinks he's right handed and the other thinks he's a southpaw.

2) He has a twin. They're extremely close and even went to college across the street from each other. No, she is not identical. No, they don't feel the same things. Except about that question about if they feel the same things.

3) His favorite song is "Sailing" by Christopher Cross. At some point he hums it everyday. He sometimes subjects the agency to his crooning and gains great pleasure hearing them complain about how it's stuck in their heads. Now they know how he feels.

4) He used to sell safaris. If you were going into the bush in the late '90s, he was your man.

5) He is obsessed with drawing candles. It started when he was a kid in art class and evolved when he was an art major. Now, no whiteboard is safe. Blown out, melted down, smoldering. If it's a candle, he's probably drawn it. Meanwhile, he only owns about four candles at home.

6) He's a sci-fi junkie. He reads at least four books a month. His favorite authors? Ben Bova, Larry Niven, Stephen Baxter, Jack Campbell, Ian Douglas, Jerry Pournelle, Terry Pratchett and Orson Scott Card…to name a few.

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