Six Things You Didn't Know About Venables Bell & Partners' Lee Einhorn

If You Need Eggs, He's Got You Covered

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Under the leadership of Associate Partner/Creative Director Lee Einhorn, Venables Bell & Partners has had a pretty stellar creative year. Along with REI, the agency put Black Friday advertisers to shame with the #OptOutside campaign, which shut the retailer's doors and encouraged people to go outdoors on the year's busiest shopping day. And It was behind the moving "City Gym" film for Google, about a Kansas City gym that became a haven for the transgender community. Mr. Einhorn oversees the shop's work for Phillips 66, Thumbtack and co-leads on Audi as well.

Along with steering creative, Mr. Einhorn directs and serves as creative lead at Lumberyard, the agency's in-house production company. The roles reflect Mr. Einhorn's diverse past -- he's both directed and creative directed at companies such as Mekanism and Rabbit Content, where he worked on clients including Nike, MTV, Spring, Microsoft, Comcast and more. He also previously founded Arnold Worldwide's branded content division, Arnold Entertainment, and worked on the celebrated "Truth" campaign.

And if that weren't enough, Mr. Einhorn happens to lead a pretty colorful life outside the agency world, as you'll see in this edition of "Six Things."

1. The first time he met his in-laws they were all naked in their hot tub. On purpose. He attempted to put on a bathing suit before going in but his future wife warned him that it would be really awkward if he did. He didn't really understand, but wanting to make a good impression, he went for it.

2a. He once had a pet rat named Monty who got his leg caught in a glue trap that had been set for the wild rats that took up residency in his old fixer upper.

2b. He once had a three-legged rat named Monty.

3. He had a one-on-one lunch years ago with then-Senator John Kerry when he was considering a presidential run. They talked new media and emerging social platforms, had some laughs and discussed Lee's role in Kerry's campaign. At the end of the two hours Kerry looked him in the eye and said, "Lee, welcome to politics." Lee never heard from him again.

4. His house outside San Francisco is a 100-year-old hunting lodge. When his family moved in, they decided that they would bring back the lodge vibe here and there. Not being a hunter himself, he bought a mounted deer head on E-Bay to place above the fireplace. The day it arrived he gleefully opened the box, took it out, looked the fella in the eye and instantly vomited all over the outside of the box. He got over it and named him Brad.

5. His family has nine chickens at home. Each chicken lays an egg a day, roughly 60 eggs a week. He has three children -- two of whom don't eat eggs. And the other only eats egg whites.

6. His first job in design/advertising he was Milton Glaser's right hand -- literally. Glaser refused to jump into the computer age so he would stand behind Lee and nudge his shoulder to direct the mouse on the screen. Lee thinks it was a bit annoying, but it nice to be so close to one of the greats.

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