Get Tipsy: 'Rose-Fueled' Chatbot for Cannes Shenanigans

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First-timer at Cannes? Do you have constant #FOMO? Have no fear. Huge has created a chatbot -- appropriately named Tipsy to reflect the mind state of attendees -- to provide people with useful Cannes tips throughout the week.

Tipsy, which was developed in partnership with Betaworks and Dexter, is available on Facebook Messenger and offers fun advice gathered from months of research, such as Boozy Tips, Delicious Tips and Random Tips.

"We wrote all of the conversation to feel as natural as possible," said Jason Musante, global exec creative director at Huge. "People usually read tip lists and throw them away, so we wanted to create something we'd actually want to use."

The hundreds of tips were written in a "rose-fueled tone of voice," said Huge Group Creative Director Sara Worthington, and they include fun and useful pieces of information relevant at specific times of the day. For example, at wee hours of the night or early morning, Tipsy may say, "Remember, sleeping on the beach is illegal," and the bot will also remind people to download the new Hotel Access Pass if they don't have Cannes badges.

Tipsy also has access to Giphy, so users should be ready for some fun, shareable gifs to come through from the bot.

Worthington said Tipsy can also provide ideas for the best place to eat or drink in Cannes and some fun "Easter Eggs" that are good for first-time Cannes-goers (like Huge CEO Aaron Shapiro), and veterans. The tips, which were also developed by Huge Group Creative Director Armando Flores, are available in six languages.

Throughout the week, Huge and Betaworks staffers will provide live updates for Tipsy so the bot is up-to-date on the latest Cannes happenings, said Musante.

Tipsy screens
Tipsy screens Credit: Huge

To spread the word about Tipsy, which took about three months to develop, Huge will have coasters strewn around the Croisette that say, "Get Tipsy," with a short explanation about the chatbot. Musante said the team is also hoping people will interact with Tipsy based on word-of-mouth.

After Cannes, Huge hopes to have Tipsy live on for other advertising events. Does this mean the bot's name will change? Nope, because "isn't every advertising event a bit tipsy?" said Musante.

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