Watch the UM Coca-Cola Team Do the Mannequin Challenge

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Things go better with the mannequin challenge.

That's what staffers on the Coca-Cola team at media agency UM found out when they decided to join the craze that has swept up notables including Hillary Clinton, the New York Giants, James Corden and dozens of others. The idea started as a way to, well... open happiness.

"To be honest, end-of-year can be tough around here at UM," said Glenn Payne, associate creative director at the agency. "Clients want full wrap up and year end reports plus full plans for 2017," he said. "While a lot of places can take it easy towards year end, agency life can still be in full swing, sometimes even more so than usual. It was a nice moment of levity for everyone in the office amidst all that hustle and bustle."

It took two takes to get the 30-person team still enough to complete the finished product, which UM loaded onto its Facebook page. The only instruction to the group was to hold a Coca-Cola product.

"It's in UM's DNA to showcase our client products in the latest social craze, so who better to do it for Coca-Cola than the team building the media plans and giving product to influencers?" said Mr. Payne. "This time we were the influencers."

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