Agency Honor Roll - Global standout: DDB Stockholm

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In recent years, DDB Stockholm has become a global spotlight hog, thanks to its inventive, platform-agnostic campaigns that always seem to strike a human note. The continuing Swedish Armed Forces campaign, which has put the audience through rigorous tests of mental acumen, remained as compelling as ever in its third year, posing a new set of challenges that ran across all platforms.

The agency managed to serve up some real truths in its work for McDonald's, which included the "Casanova" print effort, featuring man who tosses out drunken pick-up lines throughout the night, finally settling into a simple request for a Big Mac. The agency also didn't dumb it down for consumers its no-frills McD posters that featured nothing but a red and yellow color palette, a pocket friendly price and the tag, the "The World's Most Famous Hamburger."

DDB Stockholm's high point, however, was the "Fun Theory" campaign for Volkswagen, a viral sensation and one of Creativity's top creative picks of 2009. The effort, which gently touts VW's fuel efficiency, aims to convince people to make better choices for themselves by making those better options fun. It transformed a staircase in a busy Stockholm subway station into a working set of piano keys and made a game out of throwing away rubbish by equipping a trashcan with cartoon-like sound effects. It's also asking the rest of the world to do its part with a contest to generate even more do-gooder ideas. It's the kind of big, scalable, participatory idea that should serve as a model for brand creativity in the '10s.

Read more about the Fun Theory here.
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