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Sweden's Forsman & Bodenfors has always seemed to have that elusive sensibility of being a genuinely idea-first agency. The Swedish part means, of course, there's a deep sophistication on the digital front, but the company's work never seems digitally forced, if you will; it just seems fresh and relevant, whatever the medium. And the shop was really firing on all cylinders in 2010. There was, of course, the blockbuster Facebook Showroom for Ikea, that used available tools and human behavior to create something fun but deadly effective and that swept the award shows.

The shop's Ikea work spread out in all sorts of directions from there. Responding to a brief for a kitchen appliances campaign, Forsman created a simply gorgeous cookbook, full of photos depicting deconstructed components of classic Swedish dishes. As the perfect complement, the agency also created an iPhone app that spurred users to burn off the excess baggage created by all those delicious treats. For another potentially dull brief, Ikea's annual wardrobe event, the agency created a fashion contest, offering up and coming designers the chance to show their creations in an Ikea wardrobe in a posh pop-up store. Other highlights included a campaign for public broadcaster SVT that saw Forsman staff and the Swedish public, via social media, personally appeal to Steve Jobs (at Apple HQ) to approve the iPhone app for SVT's on demand web service. The shop also created a live show via mobile internet to demonstrate the reliability of Tele2's mobile service and a web address expander for Sveriges Radio that took URLs to absurd lengths.

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