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Creativity's 2009 agency of the year didn't just sit around in '10 and bask in the glory. The shop, which moved into a big new west side space, did us proud by turning out original creative ideas, while making big business gains. Mother continued to produce unique spectacles for Target, this year orchestrating the Kaleidoscopic Fashion Spectacular, which turned New York's Standard Hotel into a performance art piece. For Devo, Mother out-Mothered even itself with a beyond-post modern campaign for the band's new album, Something for Everybody. The campaign turned focus group testing into something creative and saw the agency launch an L.A. office (or did it?).

Mother took a more active hand in Stella Artois, with high profile ads across all media, and "Up There," a documentary that captured the making of a giant mural of the Stella "pour," and chronicling the dying art of hand-painted advertising. The growing New York shop also did some eye-catching work for new client Cumberland's Sweet 'N Low and Sugar in the Raw and continued to turn out beyond-ad work for virgin, Dell and NBC Local. Of course, one event sort of overshadowed everything last year—the departure, in November, of co-founder Linus Karlsson, doubly shocking as it coincided with the 20th anniversary of his partnership with Paul Malmstrom. Onward. We look forward to seeing each of the solo Swede's next acts.

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