Creativity 2012 Agency of the Year and A-List Call for Entries

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It's time to gather up all the amazing ideas you came up with in 2012. We're looking for the best of the best for Creativity's 2012 Agency of the Year report, in which we'll name the year's top creative shop as well as other impressive agencies in our Creativity A-List.

We're looking for:
All your best work and ideas from 2012.

Who should enter:
Full service agencies, interactive agencies, all agencies! Note: Entry is open to U.S. and international agencies. There is no fee for entry.

Deadline: The deadline has been extended to Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Submission guidelines:
Please send a single link to a site through which we can view all the assets-any written materials, TV/video, longform, print, events, case studies, websites, etc. We should be able to see all the work on the site you provide--in other words, we should not have to download the assets in order to view them. We should not have to click through multiple links within a document or an email.

For each campaign/work item, include a rough date of launch. Please only send a physical portfolio if you have a three-dimensional product or asset that must be experienced physically to get the full picture.

In addition to brand work, please include anything you created outside of your client relationships, any self-propelled, entrepreneurial projects that are moving your company forward from a creative or business standpoint.

Include very basic agency and production credits for all work submitted.

Eligible work must have aired/appeared for the first time roughly between Nov 21, 2011 and our deadline (obviously, if it was included on your entry last year, don't include it this year).

There is no limit on the number of campaigns you can send, but BE JUDICIOUS. A smaller package with a high density of good work is always more compelling.

As part of your entry, please send a short overview of the agency's creative year. Include anything that's notable about any of the work--awards won, cultural impact, etc. Also, make sure to tell us about other highlights from your year outside of the work: major creative hires or departures, shifts in creative department. structure, other creative or business milestones, stuff you're particularly proud of etc.

Where do I submit?
Send entries to: [email protected] with subject Agency of the Year

Street address: Creativity 711 Third Ave New York, NY 10017 And let's be environmentally friendly. Please only mail submissions if you have a product or asset that we need to see in person to get the idea.

Please note, if your new spot or case study video for that integrated campaign isn't ready by deadline, do not wait to send your main submission. Just send a short description and embargoed rough cut, if available.

Also, if you are an agency with more than one U.S. office, please submit a separate entry for each office. If you only want to send work from one office, that's your call. If you are an agency with a number of U.S. and international offices, send each agency's entry separately.

Where and when will the Agency of the Year be announced?
Our Agency of the Year report will appear on Creativity Online and in the Ad Age print and online editions in January 2012.

What was the deadline again?
Please have your material to us by Wednesday, November 21, 2012. There will be no extensions.

Email Ann-Christine Diaz
Editor, Creativity
[email protected]

Ad Age has also opened it inbox to submissions for its Agency of the Year and annual Agency A List. Deadline is November 21, but go to for full details.

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