Comment from 2004 Show Chairperson Joanne Ferraro, Executive Producer, Blue Rock; former Managing Director, Coppos Films

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What did you think was the overall caliber of the work you saw entered in this show?

I think the overall quality of the work in 2004 Show is among the best we've ever seen. Effects are so well integrated that it's often hard to tell where they begin, as in Adidas "Wake Up Call". Plus, we're more comfortable, and more creative, with effects these days, In some cases, directors are using obvious effects on purpose to propel the story forward, such as HP "FTD".

Did the work this year reflect any larger industry zeitgeist?

If there's any trend we've seen this year, I'd have to say it's in the kinds of humor used. There are more types of humor, perhaps, than we've seen in the past, ranging from gentle humor, to irony, to satire, to slapstick, to the "laugh out loud" kind. There may have been fewer racy spots, fewer ones with scatological humor submitted this year. Advertisers may be responding to viewers who voiced their objections. Nevertheless, humor is almost always engaging.

What were some of the judging criteria or guidelines that you used that you thought were especially important?

We invite the members of our judging panels to participate based on their expertise in the particular category being judged. They are carefully chosen and very well briefed in advance. It's something we insist on, part of our quality control, and is one of the reasons our Show is held in such high regard.

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