Dan Lindau, President, Crossroads Films

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Did you or the committee note any trends in the work you saw this year? Did the work reflect larger industry issues or trends?

To me, the return of Capri pants augers . . . no, actually none worth noting.

What was the overall caliber of the work?

The pervasiveness of misogyny as the primary way to a man's wallet is lazy, irritating and one of the many signs of the Bush-ization of this country's culture and morals. So there. The few campaigns that had the audacity to be thoughtful, quirky, or, um, you know, good, really stood out.

What does this year's reel say about the production community?

The overall level of technical competence is fairly astounding. More and more, effects serve an idea, and their integration is excellent. The range of styles that individual directors explore continues to expand.

How did you choose the theme of the lecture component?

Given the catastrophic events of the past few years, both natural and man-made, all those annoying questions about what's important and what we contribute are pretty inescapable. It seemed the natural choice.

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