Let the Hacking Begin!

Wendy Clark, Matt Reinhard and Christine Fruechte Take on Keith Reinhard's Toolkit

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To kick off the year we launched Ad Age's first hack-a-thon, opening up DDB Worldwide Chairman Emeritus Keith Reinhard's Leadership Toolkit and inviting the industry to share ideas for new tools to make an already useful device even more helpful for leading in today's environment.

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Here we share the first responses from our hackers. This group, great leaders in their own right, each have a special connection to Keith's leadership.

Wendy Clark, DDB's new president-CEO of North America:

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Matt Reinhard, Keith's son and Chief Creative Officer of Ad Age's Small Agency of the Year, O'Keefe Reinhard & Paul:

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Christine Fruechte, CEO of Colle & McVoy, who worked at DDB's Honolulu office during Keith's time as CEO:

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Thanks to Keith, Wendy, Matt and Christine. Please continue to send us your ideas to [email protected] We will be posting more video responses in the weeks ahead.

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