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Don't be surprised this Valentine's Day if there's a letter in your mailbox addressed to your family pet. According to the 2001 annual Pet Owner Survey of 1,225 American and Canadian pet owners, conducted by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) and released in November 2001, 58 percent of pet owners have sent or received a holiday card from their dog or cat. And, many pet owners don't need a holiday to tell their furry friends how much they really mean to them. Sixty-three percent say “I love you� to their pet at least once a day (79 percent say it once a week). Of course, it's entirely likely that those three little words will come out as “I wuv you.� The AAHA found that 78 percent of pet owners regularly talk to their pet in a different voice.


Nearly 1 in 4 pet owners gets the lion's share of affection from their pet. No wonder 90 percent wouldn't date someone who didn't like their pet.

Source: The American Animal Hospital Association, 2001

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