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Not everyone who tunes in to the Food Network is an Iron Chef in his or her home kitchen. In fact, according to an American Demographics query to Simmons Market Research Bureau, 10 percent of the cable station's viewers don't even like to cook. Not surprisingly, a greater percentage of those who tune in merely for the aesthetics are male. Men account for 37 percent of all Food Network viewers, but they also account for 48 percent of the viewers who don't like to cook. Others who are more likely to watch from the couch than the kitchen: never-married singles, college grads, 18- to 24-year-olds, and those aged 55 and older. Non-cooking viewers of cooking shows tend to be homebodies as well: They are more likely to prefer spending a quiet evening at home, exercising, or listening to music than the average Food Network fan. And they are less likely to read books or visit art museums. They also tend to have less adventurous palates: Food Network fans who don't like to cook are less likely to eat foreign food or dine out in general, and more likely to be content with a good old-fashioned frozen TV dinner.


Viewers of the Food Network who don't like to cook have decidedly different food tastes than the average viewer.

Dislike Cooking All Viewers
Beef Pork
Swiss Cheddar
Yellow mustard Spicy mustard
Caesar dressing Creamy Italian dressing
Graham crackers Cheese crackers
Soft cookies Sandwich cookies
Cranberry blend juice Apple juice
Source: American Demographics' analysis of data from Simmons Market Research Bureau
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